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You're Our Bird, Blue!

Updated: Apr 6, 2023

He was named after a combination of his bright color and the fancy sports car that 8-year-old Max liked best. Blue was his name. He was a love bird we had been gifted in 2021, after his original owner’s living situation had changed. His new home was the corner of our living room, with a nearby window to the outside world; the couch just feet away, and a perfect view of the t.v. He was really fond of “Impractical Jokers”.

His cage was massive, especially in comparison to his tiny stature, and his space was packed with more toys, ropes, and cuddle-bones a bird would know what to do with. He proudly wore the patterns and many shades of blue like a uniform, and it made him shockingly-handsome.

Blue didn’t know how to sing, but he certainly wasn’t ashamed to try. His ear piercing squawks made heads turn and brows raise; visitors questioning how such a small creature could make such a loud, curdling sound. Blue loved when people would sit in the room with him, and on days when he was able to be outside his cage, he would fly to the couch and wander from shoulder to shoulder of nearby Max, Ellie, and Lila. They were terrifically-fun kids, and he loved them so.

Blue enjoyed being held. His favorite was being tightly coddled with two hands. It gave him the feeling like he was in his own little fort. He loved to have his tiny head and white-washed beak rubbed, and if proper pressure was applied, he would close his eyes and soak up the pampering. But beware: petting too much or too fast would require issuing a painful bite, to put his handler in their place.

Blue had an enormous crush on one certain visitor, Auntie Erin. When Erin would visit, Blue would become frantic, incessantly wanting to show her his toys and making sure she knew he was a masterful performer. Erin was often amused, sometimes disturbed, but most thankful to have bars between them.

A new home owner began living with Blue full-time in February, 2023. His old family and friends suddenly weren't around as much anymore. No more 'Impractical Jokers'; no more tiny forts; no more visits from his best friends Max, Ellie and Lila.

Blue died sometime in early April, 2023 after his new owner consciously stopped feeding him and giving him water. Blue was just an innocent creature, who had become too much of a burden to be cared for. Poor Blue sat in his cage, surely wanting to come out to visit, and once again be held, but more just wanting someone to give him some fresh seeds or some droplets of water to nourish his soul and replenish his spirit.

He probably tried his best to sing, but his squawking became more and more muted as his new owner sat on that nearby couch, that same couch Blue had explored for years. The new owner sat comfortably, sipping his Dewar's Scotch and watching his boring shows, all the while poor Blue wondered, waited, and worried.

His last breath was most likely a relief, finally putting an end to his suffering.

We don’t get to eternally enjoy the lives of our pets. They all hold a special place in our hearts, and we always remember them fondly no matter the nuances or inconveniences they provided during a brief snippet of our lives.

We want to make sure the memory of Blue is no different. He was loved just as much as the rest of our family’s pets, and we’re sorry his life was cut short in such a irresponsible, negligent, and cruel fashion.

Raise a glass of water {and snap a seed} as a toast to sweet Blue.

You’re our bird, Blue!

Written by Chad Zingales on 4/6/23 while playing a game of Holy Horseshoes with his best friend's priest.

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