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The Dark Woods
Proudly Presents
The Birthing Moon 2024

All new for 2024!  The Dark Woods will be reopening its gates to celebrate the summer!  Come experience a warmer version of The Dark Woods event located at Trombly Gardens in Milford, New Hampshire.  Open only two (2) evenings on July 19th and 20th, The Dark Woods is a family-friendly haunted attraction and offers a uniquely creepy, interactive experience for families, couples, and Halloween enthusiasts of all ages.  And getting creeped out doesn't just have to happen in October!

Don't miss your last chance to experience The Dark Woods in 2024, and see how our demented family spends the summer evenings in Milford, NH!

Abandoned Home
Only at Trombly Gardens in Milford, New Hampshire, The Dark Woods is a Halloween haunted attraction that is fun, interactive, and truly unique.  Come experience an all-original cast of characters, devoted to their craft and eager to hear you scream in the summer night!
Summer Scares 2024
Acting Form
Porcelain Doll


Summer Screams 2024


The Dark Woods prides itself on being fun and safe for ages 0-100.

This does not mean we do not accept 101 year olds.  It just means we've never seen one in person.

For a list of our FAQ, click HERE.


Not just your "run of a mill" scare and scream-in-your-face type of Halloween attraction. Our cast of characters WANT to get to know YOU.


It's a self-guided tour through dark woodlands...what could possibly go wrong?


We're always looking to adopt a few more creeps to join our twisted Halloween family.  Fill out the form below so we can learn a bit more about you.

Thank you for your interest in The Dark Woods!

 Someone will reach out and touch you soon.

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