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Located in Southern, New Hampshire

The Dark Woods is a haunted Halloween event located at Trombly Gardens in Milford, New Hampshire.  Open select evenings in September & October, The-Dark-Woods is a family-friendly haunted attraction and offers a uniquely-creepy, interactive experience for families, couples, and Halloween enthusiasts of all ages.  A bit unsure if The Dark Woods is for you?  Check out our Trauma Free Tours HERE
Looking to amp up the fear and discomfort?  Check our The Dark Woods HERE!   


(and maybe pee a 'lil).

What Makes The Dark Woods Different
We consider The Dark Woods a "Bootique Haunt", which means we classify ourselves as a haunted Halloween event that specializes primarily on the customer's experience. We provide a unique form of Halloween entertainment through personal interaction, conversation, improv, comedy, and ridiculousness.  Where other haunts may be focus on heavy traffic and throughput, we purposely limit our ticket sales to provide a more intimate, highly-uncomfortable show.   For more info on what we do and why we do it, visit Our Fam Page HERE.
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The Dark Woods Haunted Halloween Event, located at Trombly Gardens in Milford, NH is a uniquely-creepy and interactive haunted attraction: a perfect thing to do for families, kids, couples, Halloween enthusiasts of all ages!