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Nuisance Nuances

Our cast members see and hear lots of things while entertaining our treasured guests in The Dark Woods. Patrons scream, laugh, and sometimes pee, but through it all, no matter what, they always provide genuine reactions to the chaos. Our characters are trained to interact; to make guests feel uncomfortable, but most importantly, to make sure everyone is being safe and having fun.

At The Dark Woods, we sometimes encounter {albeit rarely} visitors who may be hard to please. They are chilly. They’re upset they had to wait. They don’t like having to walk. They didn’t listen to (or believe) the local weatherman. They’re family doesn’t like them. Whatever the reason(s), it is our job to show empathy, and if the situation is something we can improve upon, we want to know. It’s our obligation to listen to and accommodate our valued guests whenever we can. Our audience is our most valuable resource, and we want to provide a memorable Halloween experience.

There is a tremendous amount of time, energy, and money that is poured into Halloween Attractions, which can sometimes be easily overlooked and taken for granted. Each flickering candle and every piece of creepy cloth; all installed with care - the decor is all there thanks to many creative hands. All of it set up for the sole purpose of transporting our guests to a whole new dimension.

Every character represents a unique twist on a traditional rendition, all from the minds of each individual actor. Our cast members spend hours thinking and sewing and distressing and rehearsing. The dedication to the theme of our show remains consistent and memorable, and is considered THE most critical element to The Dark Woods.

So before anyone complains or leaves a bad review about ANY element of ANY Halloween Attraction, we hope they will first take a second to acknowledge (and appreciate) the levels of creativity, passion and logistics that all have to come together in order for them to be able to complain about it in the first place. Written by Willard Kringle on 4/13/23 while riding a malfunctioning mechanical bull.

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